Attila Kovács, a shoemaker from Miskolc, Hungary, took the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place at the European Championship of Handmade Shoes, which is held in Wiesbaden in every three years, wrote. Kovács also won the award for the “World’s best shoe.”

Cobblers had a free hand in the whole process from the design to the final product, but the shoes had to be handmade, using traditional techniques. The international jury evaluated the aesthetics of the shoe, and the used techniques.

Kovács competed successfully in the previous, 2013 championship as well: he got three gold- and one bronze medals. On every shoe he makes, Kovács includes a typical Hungarian motif and their dominant colours are antique brown and its different shades. This year’s motif was the traditional Coat of Arms of Hungary.

The shoemaker makes custom-made shoes as well; take a look at his official website and Facebook page to find out more about the award winning products!

Also, here’s a video showing how the master makes his shoes:

Video: Kft Attila Cipő/Youtube

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