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Máté Kocsis, president of the Hungarian Handball Federation, recently reported at the federation’s exceptional conference that Europe’s biggest handball stadium would be built in the Hungarian capital city for the 2022 European Men’s Handball Championship.

The Hungarian Handball Federation wrote in an interview that, besides Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Spain campaigned for the opportunity to organise the championship. At the European Handball Federation’s conference in Glasgow, Hungary won the campaign to hold this event with the support of Slovakia.

“It is an honour and a historical moment that Hungary and the Hungarian Handball Federation got the opportunity to hold the European Championship with the support of Slovakia. It is a very special and significant event, and we are proud that the Hungarian project won over several probable winning countries. Our project ensured everyone that Hungary is always a reliable and excellent organiser, no matter what kind of event we are talking about. It is going to be a wonderful experience” – said Máté Kocsis, the federation’s president and parliamentary group leader.

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According to nemzetisport.hu, Máté Kocsis emphasised that all four locations of the European Championship need several improvements. For instance, a complex and an arena with 8000 seats need to be built in Szeged, and the Veszprém Arena needs to be reconstructed. The deadline is September 2021.


Besides these improvements, the president of the federation stated that the Hungarian government approved the plans of building a brand new stadium with 22 000 seats in Budapest, which would be the biggest one on the European continent.

The venues of the European Men’s Handball Championship will be Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, Veszprém, and Bratislava and Kosice in Slovakia, in January 2022. The European Women’s Handball Championship will take place in Slovenia, Macedonia, and Montenegro. The 2024 Men’s Championship will be organised by Germany.

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Source: nemzetisport.hu

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