For those of our readers, who are suffering from a growing addiction to the modern culinary arts, there is an inventive way to experience some real gastronomic adventures, reports.  Apartment restaurants seem to be conquering the world. The original tradition of these dining venues comes from the wonderful country of Cuba; but with a little geographic magic and a help of modern jet-setters, culinary boundaries were blurred and now all of us can get a real sense of the apartment restaurants in Hungary.



There is no way one could walk past the Béterv. Béterv is the apartment restaurant located in the historical heart of Budapest. The owner of this venue is not a professional chef himself, however he has a longstanding admiration for highly orchestrated flavors and scents. During the  “theme dinners” Bíró Botond Boldizsár (the owner) chooses to focus on one particular essence and flavor, there are no cookbooks to follow, no rules, no identical dishes. A team of an invited chef and the owner of the restaurant are on a mission to celebrate exceptional bouquet of various spices.

According to, one of the recent events was focused of the ginger – and every meal had a hint of ginger. Baraka Restaurant’s chef, Biro Norbert, was the one responsible for creating state-of-the-art dishes:  “slowly cooked cattle neck with soy and ginger, and the St Jacques scallops with coconut ginger sauce, beluga lentils, quinoa, and sweet potatoes”. Phenomenal menus and sleek design of the Béterv embodies the perfect apartment restaurant. The prices of the “theme dinners”: dinner with wine 15 000 Forint/person, without wine 10 000 Forint/person.
For any further information please visit their Facebook page:éterv-Illatvacsora/400755540000704



Nagymező Street provides endless opportunities for a fine dining in the city; however, none of them is going to be quite like Szerecsendió. This apartment restaurant exemplifies a perfect blend of creative design and the country’s finest delicacies. Sophisticated home décor: huge display kitchen, fully equipped with the professional culinary tools and wondrously furnished dining space are opened to the private and public culinary adventures. said, the most recent event was called “Gourmet Pig Slaughter”; during the night all the guests were over-charmed by the culinary wonders created by the chef, Kereszty Gábor: “liverwurst skewers, pork füle-müle, sausage with shallots, fried pig brain, pepper stuffed with black pudding, sausage ravioli, virgin pig and piglet and Canaro’s tunes.”  The Price: 15 000 Forint/person
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If you are looking for a way to ditch the overpriced restaurants with omnipresent traditional cuisine, 12bé is the place to go. Thanks to the chef’s great taste and creative energy, visitors are able to take part in perpetually occurring theme dinners.

According to We Love Budapest, every occasion is dictated by a certain theme; the owner, Anna is guided by the vast variety of ideas and tempestuous emotions; therefore several of her dinners were called spicy vs. piquant and light vs. dark. Uber-hip design of her apartment has in no way overshadowed the glorious taste of her dishes. Youthful spirit, marvelous guest chefs and homely atmosphere define great dinners at 12bé – Experimental kitchen. Price: 5000 Forint/person
If you are interested in this apartment restaurant please visit:é/535142666545453

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