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The World Beard and Moustache Championships took place May 17th and 18th in Antwerp this year. Hungarians performed particularly well at the biannual event, returning home with one world champion title and one silver medal.

Hungarian success

This year, more than 400 competitors arrived in Antwerp, reports Sokszínűvidék. They competed in 19 categories, with the 7-member jury taking their task of choosing the best smile and moustache very seriously.

moustache, competition, success

Zsolt Járomi, a primary school teacher, is a third-time world champion in the category “Hungarian” while Mátyás Kiss, a wood carver, secured 2nd place in the “Natural” category.

Járomi received his third world champion title wearing a traditional Hungarian horseman’s costume and a hat decorated by maidenhair fern. In his category, the second place went to a German participant while the bronze medal was won by an American competitor. Kiss, who was only surpassed by multiple winner Wolfgang Schneider from Germany, was wearing a traditional Matyó folk dress. Besides Járomi and Kiss, Hungary was represented by Tibor Vona, Ferenc Sólyom and István Bajkai. Tibor Vona was ranked 3rd in the “Natural Full Beard with Styled Moustache” category.

The competition

The very first moustache competitions were organised in Germany in the ’80s and ’90s. Over the years, the event became more and more popular, reaching other corners of Europe, too.

The competition awarding men with the nicest smile and the most beautiful-looking facial hair is always accompanied by a joyous atmosphere, and participants are in great spirits.

According to world champion Zsolt Járomi, unfortunately, the beautiful Hungarian moustache is slowly approaching oblivion. Their aim is to revive the very manly tradition of the Hungarian moustache with their successes and performances.

moustache, beard, competition, success

Járami also shared the difference in attitude between the various nations. According to him, Germans take the competition very seriously, going to barbers to prepare for the competition and get their facial hair styled. Hungarians, on the other hand, regard moustaches as a part of everyday life, so, they have to prepare for the competition mentally instead.


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