The 40 year old Rubik cube will be celebrated with a birthday exhibition in the United States. The event takes place in the Liberty Science Center of New Jersey and it will be exhibited in several other countries of the world. The program will be opened by Hungarian President of the Republic Áder János, and by Rubik Ernő on Thursday.

Liberty Science Center (LSC) is located in a symbolic place near to the Liberty Statue of New York. The center, opened in 1993, is the first scientific museum of New Jersey state, which shows different scientific areas interactively to the audience. In this center will the monumental interactive exhibition Beyond Rubik’s Cube take place for 9 months long, then in departs to a world tour from 2015, and goes around the world under 7 seven years.

The government of Hungary fostered the $5 million budget of the exhibition with HUF 200 million. The main supporter of the exhibition is Google.

The elements of the exhibition aims several senses with scientific and artistic inspiration: it will present monstre cube mosaic frescoes, tactile cubes made for blind people, and haiku cubes as well, which show 3 line long poems when rotated. The event connects fields of technology, computer science, engineering, art, design and mathematics. It also highlights what effect the Rubik cube has had on art and music, from music created by rotating the cube to the combinatorial music composition.

The exhibition presents numerous curiosities from cube completing robots to cubes made of gemstones. The ten meters edge length, illuminating Groovik’s cube will be rotated by remote control, and four player from four different locations of the world will have the opportunity to complete it. Visitors will get personal “cube identification” based on the personal cube rotating combinations they use, with which they can enter the virtual part of the exhibition, said Fürjes Balázs Government Commissioner who provided governmental representation in the establishment of the Rubik center in Budapest.

As he wrote in his announcement, the exhibition addresses several social groups from children to the specialist group of the “cube-rotating subculture”. Even those wooden cubes will be seen which Rubik Ernő used to illustrate his spatial organization model.

Together with the exhibition not only the LSC, but other renowned buildings of New York, for example the Empire State Building will be illuminated with the color of the Rubik cube, and a floating rubber cube on Hudson river will propagandize the event.

According to the website of the exhibition, Beyond Rubik’s Cube will show the history of Rubik cube, its effect on the world, the logical games, and engineering and artistic works it inspired in a 650 square meters area.
Besides original prototypes, experimental objects, old recordings and archive Rubik interviews, visitors will gain insight to the world of mathematical experiments and computer algorithms. Rubik cube as an icon of the pop culture will be presented through digital media, various artworks and material devices.

Street fair, scientific gala, artistic exhibition, engineer festival, and robot building and ice sculpture making competitions will join to the exhibition. The Rubik cube championship of the US will be held between August 1 and 3, and a speed race world competition of cube rotating will be organized later with the participation of humans and robots as well.

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