A retrospective exhibition of Hungarian-French painter Endre Rozsda (1913-1999) was opened at the Hungarian National Gallery on November 18, on the hundredth anniversary of his birth.

In her opening remarks, Commissioner for Francophone Affairs of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry Katalin Novák recalled that his friends had invited Endre Rozsda to a concert by Béla Bartók in 1938.

The artist was so taken by Bartók that this experience continued to inspire him during his years in Paris. Ambassador of France Roland Galharague, Director General of the National Gallery László Baán and exhibition curator David Rosenberg also attended the opening.

The exhibition, entitled „Embraced by Time”, presents the oeuvre of Endre Rozsda through about a hundred paintings as well as several illustrations and photographs. The exhibition can be viewed at the Hungarian National Gallery until 2 March 2014.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Photo: www.pecskep.hu

Source: http://kormany.hu/

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