Gergő Balázs Gecse

According to, a 90-year-old driver ran down Gergő Balázs Gecse Sunday morning in the south-east part of France, near Villard-Bonn. As we reported before, Mr Gecse had been travelling Hungary and Europe since he was 18. He said that it might happen that one day he would find a place where he would settle, but “that’s a long time away.”

He chose endless freedom instead of Internet and TV

Gergő Balázs Gecse (32) finished secondary school in 2004 and, though he could have chosen to study at a university, he chose to wander instead. The young man said in 2016 that the world was too big for him to stay in one place since he had

always loved nature and being outdoors.

He built his covered ox wagon himself and his initial companions were a Hungarian cattle breed, two goats and a shepherd dog. He did not read newspapers, did not give interviews, and did not watch TV.

Gergő Balázs Gecse
Mr Gecse near his ox wagon. Photo:

Instead, he met a lot of nice people and saw many beautiful places. In fact, he gave an interview in 2016 in which he said that he had never been robbed, and wherever he camped – on fields or by the side of forests – the locals usually offered him food and drinks. In return, he

often told stories and fairy tales

or played virtuously his piano accordion to the gathered audience. In the warmer seasons, he cleaned himself in streams and lakes and washed his clothes with ash lye.

Gergő Balázs Gecse
Playing the piano accordion. Photo: Oswaldanne Tetedemulet.

Friends everywhere in Europe

In his ox wagon, he was self-sufficient. He made his own bread and stored his vegetables on the side of the cart. He could also work whenever he wanted since he had experience in wood carving, carpentry, shoeing, leather crafting, and working with animals. Even though he sometimes

woke up to minus 17 degrees in the wagon,

he did not plan to give up his lifestyle soon.

Gergő Balázs Gecse
Somewhere in France. Photo: Oswaldanne Tetedemulet.

According to the French press, a 90-year-old French driver struck Gergő Balázs Gecse on Sunday near Villard-Bonn, South-East France. The driver claimed that he was blinded by the sun, thus, he was unable to see him on the road. He added that the young Hungarian was walking near his cart, but instead of going on the edge of the road, he was near the white line. The accident was reported by a French couple who are living a similar lifestyle and became friends with the young Hungarian.

Here is a documentary movie titled Merely a wanderer about how he lived in Hungarian:


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