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It has been 50 years since the first bottle of Coca-Cola was produced in the first Hungarian Coca-Cola factory in Kőbánya. To celebrate this special occasion many famous Hungarian poets, including István Csukás, grabbed a pen to write poems about this and, of course, Coca-Cola. 

According to, Coca-Cola Hungary celebrates its birthday with specially decorated bootles featuring Hungarian poets’ poems. Coca-Cola was introduced to Hungary at the International Budapest Market in 1967. Budapest started to manufacture this famous soft drink on the 17th June 1968. In 1991 after the end of the Soviet Regime Hungary established the company Coca-Cola Hungary and opened its factory five years later in Dunaharaszti (Pest County).

Since then, more than 439 million liters of Coca-Cola was produced and sold in Hungary. The income of the company is approximately 92 billion Hungarian Forints each year which equals to 276 million Euros.

Tibor Bornai wrote about his personal memories in his writing Coca-Cola and Me. András Szabó-Cserna wrote the poem Eastern Cola with some of his personal experiences about the American soft drink. Virág Erdős wrote about Coca-Cola Hungary’s 50-year-old history in her poem CC50. Lajos Nagy Parti described the significance of Coca-Cola and why is it so popular in Hungary is his writing Memory Cola.

István Csukás was born in 1936 and he is one of the most famous Hungarian authors and poets in the country. He won several awards – including the Kossuth-Award – and wrote hundreds of poems mostly for young children. Some of his writings and poems have been turned into famous Hungarian films and cartoons. He gave the title Cola Song to his poem describing how colorful this product is.

On the plane and on the bus

I am drinking ice cold Coca-Cola.

When I am walking on the sidewalk

I only think about Coca-Cola.

Cola, Cola, Coca-Cola

I never let down Coca-Cola.


I am drinking Cola on summer days

Even on cold winter nights

Springtimes and golden autumn

I always drink Coca-Cola.

Cola, Cola, Coca-Cola

I never let down Coca-Cola.


I drink it in the morning

I drink it in the evening.

I drink it while I am sitting and standing

For my breakfast and my dinner.

Cola, Cola, Coca-Cola

I never let down Coca-Cola.


Every child is drinking it with me

And I will drink it when I grow up.

I am sure that I will drink Cola

Cause I will be a thirsty grown up.

Cola, Cola, Coca-Cola

I never let down Coca-Cola.


Coca-Cola also announced a special game where participants can win several unique gifts including limited edition Coca-Cola bottles.

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