Budapest, November 18 (MTI) – Hungary is a democracy where everybody is free to express their opinion as long as they abide by the law, Antal Rogan, the group leader of ruling Fidesz said today morning in reaction to the mass demonstration the previous day.

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Thousands gathered in front of Parliament on Monday evening to protest against alleged corruption and the government’s policies. Speakers at the protest urged unity and the creation of a new political system.

Riot police were stationed in front of Parliament. Police intervened to help four women in distress, one of whom was injured. No arrests were made, the police’s communications department said.

Commenting on the demonstration, Rogan told public broadcaster M1 that Hungarians had had the opportunity to express their opinion on three occasions this year, notably in the general election, in the EP elections in the spring and in the local elections last month. They supported the government every time, he noted.

“What I feel today is that those who are unable to accept the outcome of these three ballots are trying to exert pressure on the government in the streets,” Rogan said.

They are free to do that because Hungary is a democracy, unlike in 2006, when people were beaten up by police under the Gyurcsany government, he added.

We only ask people to abide by the law and avoid such violence as took place at the Fidesz headquarters during a previous demonstration, which fall outside the democratic framework, Rogan said.

Photo: MTI – Zsolt Szigetvary


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