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(MTI) – Hungary fully supports maintaining the territorial integrity of Ukraine, Zsolt Nemeth, the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said in Synevyrskaya Polyana (Felsoszinever) in eastern Ukraine on Saturday.

Hungary has been supporting a strong and independent Ukraine even since that country gained independence in 1991, Nemeth, of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz, told the 22nd Transcarpathia summer university event.

It is important for Hungary that Ukraine move ahead in the process of its integration with the European Union, Nemeth said, adding that Hungary welcomes the association agreement that country signed recently with Brussels.

He expressed hope that the EU would eliminate the visa regime for Ukraine by the end of this year.

Regarding the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia, Nemeth said it was important that their cultural federation KMKSZ had concluded an agreement with Petro Poroshenko while he still was a candidate for Ukraine’s president.

He stated Hungary’s firm support for the six-point agreement that serves the interests of Transcarpathia Hungarians.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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