Budapest, February 2 (MTI) – The opposition’s actions regarding the upgrade of the Paks nuclear power plant are “flippant” and “lack credibility”, a spokesperson for governing Fidesz said on Sunday.

An alliance of opposition parties are protesting the planned upgrade of the plant on Sunday afternoon and demanding a referendum on the matter.

Gabriella Selmeczi said the parties were demonstrating against something that they themselves had wanted earlier.

“Do Ferenc Gyurcsany’s supporters think people are stupid?” she said. Everybody remembers that they, too, supported the upgrade of Paks with the participation of the Russians, she added.

She said utilities price cuts the government has made would not be sustainable without the upgrade.

Russia’s Rosatom will build two blocks at the Paks plant under an agreement signed early in January. Eighty percent of the project’s cost will be financed with a 10 billion euro credit line from Russia.

Photo: MTI


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