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Fidesz links ‘corrupt’ leftist opposition lawyer to former PM Gyurcsány

Fidesz links ‘corrupt’ leftist opposition lawyer to former PM Gyurcsány

Fidesz‘s group leader has accused Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsány of sharing responsibility with the “entire Hungarian left wing” in connection with a case involving a left-wing lawyer, Csaba Czeglédy, who stands accused of budget fraud.

Czeglédy was local government representative of Szombathely, in western Hungary, representing Éljen Szombathely-Socialists-DK-Együtt. He also worked as a lawyer for DK and the Socialists.

Authorities seized a 1kg bar of gold bullion from an Austrian bank as part of an investigation into the left-wing opposition politician, who was taken into custody in June.

Gergely Gulyás, the ruling party’s parliamentary group leader, told journalists on Monday that a parliamentary resolution will ask the government to create the legal framework for compensating people who lost out financially as a result of Czegledy’s alleged fraud.


Czeglédy is accused of defrauding the budget of 3 billion forints which has led to unpaid wages to an estimated 1,000 students.

Gulyás charged Gyurcsány with financing Czeglédy by providing a loan through his holding company Altus.

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Source: MTI

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