Budapest, May 6 (MTI) – Lawmakers in Hungary’s new parliament are expected to discuss the law on the government’s structure next week, but ruling Fidesz plans to first submit an amendment proposal on the remuneration of MPs, a Fidesz lawmaker told public radio today.

The amendment to be submitted to the law governing parliament is to ensure that MPs should only receive salary for their job in parliament, even if they also fulfil a local council position until the October municipal elections, Gergely Gulyas told public Kossuth radio’s morning programme.

He said Fidesz would like to see the Kuria, the country’s supreme court, to pass a decision supplementing its earlier legal conformity decision in connection with forex loans.

Once that is done, parliament would move fast to phase out forex loans, regarded as a “deficient product,” said Gulyas.

The aim until a final solution is found is to ensure that the moratorium on home foreclosures should be maintained, he said.

Gulyas said that irrespective of the nomination of Jobbik lawmaker Tamas Sneider for deputy house speaker, his party welcomed the fact that the parliamentary groups had continued the tradition of the past 24 years and accepted each other’s candidates on Monday.

The leftist opposition parties have objected to Sneider’s nomination quoting his “fascistic” past.

Photo: MTI


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