(MTI) – It is not certain whether parliament will pass a decision on making public utility providers non-profit companies before Hungary’s upcoming general election, the group leader of the ruling Fidesz party told commercial HirTV on Monday night.

Rogan said that the final draft had not been tabled in parliament, and though the national assembly could start discussing the proposal before the election, it was “not certain at all” that the current parliament could complete the process.

Rogan confirmed, however, that the government majority aimed at household utilities not-for-profit services. Further reducing utility prices is a primary goal, while further details could be elaborated later, the group leader added.

Responding to a question about the timing and extent of utility cuts this year, Rogan said that several different scenarios would be discussed at the party’s first group meeting on January 24, and pass relevant decisions. He added that the government was committed to making its utility cuts sustainable.

Photo: csepel.info

Source: http://hungarymatters.hu/

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