The way to save the lives of potential migrants is to prohibit illegal migration into Europe, Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi said in Brussels on Thursday.

Speaking to Hungarian reporters after a hearing of the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee (LIBE) focusing on migration, Hidvéghi said Hungary must devote all of its strength and attention to protecting itself from “very dangerous people and very dangerous efforts” supporting immigration.

Pro-migrant forces have made no concession whatsoever and have not given up their plans, he said, adding that they are exerting pressure on the opponents of migration.

At the hearing, Michael Shotter, the European Commission’s director for migration and protection, urged the EC to act in unison to prevent criminal action against civil groups aiding migrants.

Hidvéghi branded the session as “a hypocritical, unacceptable and an extremist sham”. He accused committee members of portraying the captain of a ship carrying migrants — which he referred to as the “Soros ship” — as a hero “even if that person was a political activist who had helped at least three dangerous criminals get to Italy and thus to Europe.”

The session was also aimed at forcing Europeans to accept immigration and duly observe the instructions of Brussels, Hidvéghi said.

“We must remain calm and firm and use the strength stemming from the mandate handed to us by Hungarians to protect Hungary,” he said.

Source: MTI

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