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Fidesz: Proof Soros strives to destabilise Europe

Fidesz: Proof Soros strives to destabilise Europe

Budapest, August 18 (MTI) – The group leader of the ruling Fidesz party has said proof exists that Hungarian-born American financier George Soros wants to destabilise Europe by promoting migration.

Referring to a nine-page internal memo attributed to a Soros foundation, Lajos Kósa told a news conference held on a different subject that Soros probably wanted to destabilise Europe because it was easier to carry out his “financial machinations in a troubled continent”.

In reply to a question, he said it was known that a civil organisation of Soros’s had provided support for migrants and had proposed that European governments should raise “huge debt” in order to give “millions of forints every year to every single migrant in Europe”.

Kósa said that Soros had also proposed reducing European funds for agriculture and developments, which would be “especially tragic for Hungary”.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI



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