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Alexandra Kovács won the amateur MMA World Championship in Bahrain beating her opponent with a technical knockout in Round 2.

The Hungarian girl competes in the flyweight category (56.7 kg or below) and trains in Zen Bu Kan Kempo style, as reported by Index. The young girl took part in the amateur world championship organised by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) and the World MMA Association (WMMAA) which lasted for 5 days with fighters of 20 countries.

She dropped out unluckily from the semifinals last year, but now she knocked out both her Italian and Tunisian opponents with TKO-s in the second round. She continued this tradition in the final against the current European champion, Janika Antinmaa

where she could win again in the second round with another TKO.

Alexandra could throw the Finnish girl in the first round already, but Antimaa could quickly turn her over, thus she became the one down. They remained in this position until the end of round 1. However, in round 2, the Finnish girl tried to kick Kovács, who caught Antimaa’s leg and tackled her.

The Hungarian girl put her opponent into a straddle lock and she did not just keep her in this advantageous position but broke her defence with heavy strikes. Finally, the Finnish girl dodged her punches, although she still could not escape. The referee had enough of the fight and decided to end it.

The moment of triumph:

“Unbelievable! I still cannot belive this miracle happened to me… I didn’t know how to deal with her in Round 1, but in Round 2, I could take her down with a classic tackle and finish her with a TKO in the last seconds of the final. I’m so happy!”

– shared Alexandra her ecstasy in her Facebook post.

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Besides winning two European championships and a bronze medal at last year’s world championship, the new world champion took part in the competition and travelled to Bahrain fully financed by herself and her sponsors, without any state aid.

The Hungarian team has had two junior fighters at the world championship as well, but they were knocked out during the qualifiers. Dávid Falu was beaten by his Russian opponent in the lightweight (< 70.3 kg) division, while Ákos Dénes lost against the later champion, the Canadian Jett Grande in the welterweight division (< 77 kg) on points.

Besides the martial arts in eastern cultures, there is one Hungarians practised as well, called Baranta. Learn more about it here.

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