The works of Boggie, Wellhello and Halász Judit had been acknowledged, also, Pásztor László had gained the Life Achievement Award.

In the gala evening, which was held at the Várkert Bazár, the Fonogram awards were given to Csermer Boglárka Boggie, Wellhello, Szabó Balázs Bandája, Gájer Bálint, Halász Judit, Berki Tamás-Sárki Péter duo and Söndörgő.The song of the year is Halott Pénz’s ‘Valami van a levegőben’ and the Life Achievement Award has been given to Pásztor László – said.

The award ceremony was organized by the Association of Hungarian Record Companies (MAHASZ). In this ceremony, the jury had handed out awards in 13 Hungarian and 6 foreign categories. The audience had decided in the category of the national song of the year.

The Fonogram award is an artistic designed microphone, covered in gold. In the light music categories, the jury consists of musicians, musical experts, journalists and the Fonogram Committee which is a professional jury. The Fonogram Prize– also called Golden Giraffe Prize – was founded in 1992 by the general assembly of the MAHASZ to award the hits of the Hungarian records and also, the international records. To get the prize, the album had to come out in Hungary two year before the ceremony.

The following Hungarian winners had been announced:

The Best Hungarian Classic Pop-Rock Album –  ‘All Is One Is All’ (Tom-Tom Records) by Csermer Boglárka Boggie.
The Best Hungarian Modern Pop-Rock Album- ‘Rakpart/apuveddmeg’ (Magneoton) by Wellhello
The Best Hungarian Alternative or Indie-Rock Album – ‘Élet elvitelre’ (authorial record) by Szabó Balázs Bandája
The Best Electronic Album – ‘The Way I Do’ (Elephanthouse) by Vekonyz
The Best Hungarian Hip-Hop Records – ‘Valami van a levegőben/Nem érinthet meg’ (authorial record) by Halott Pénz
The Best Hungarian Hard Rock or Metal Album – ‘Hellish’ (authorial record)by Apey And The Pea
The Best Hungarian Traditional Pop Music of the Year- ‘Mindenkinek Szól’ (Skyforce) by Nótár Mary
The Best Contemporary Entertaining Music Album – ‘Egyszerű az élet’ (Universal Music) by Gájer Bálint
The Best Child Album of the Year – ‘Kezdődhet a mulatság’ by Halász Judit
The Best New Artist of the Year – Middlemist by Red (MamaZone)
The Best Jazz Album of the Year – ‘Minden délibáb’ (Berki Produkciós és Oktatási Bt.)
The Best Hungarian Folk Album – ‘Tamburocket Hungarian Fireworks’ (Riverboat Records/ World Music Network) by Söndörgő
Song of the year – ‘Valami van a levegőben’ by Halott Pénz
Those albums which had been released in Hungary, too, had also been awarded:
The Best Classical Pop-Rock Album of the Year – ‘Swings Both Ways’ (Universal Music) by Robbie Williams
The Best Modern Pop-Rock Album of the Year – ‘X’ (Magneoton/Warner Music)by Ed Sheeran
The Best Alternative or Indie-Rock Album of the Year – ‘Morning Phase’ (Universal Music) by Beck
The Best Hard Rock or Metal Album of the Year – ‘Redeemer of Souls’ (Sony Music) by Judas Priest
The Best Electronic Album of the Year – ‘Motion’ (Sony Music) by Calvin Harris
The Best Hip-Hop or Rap Album of the Year – ‘And Then You Shoot Your Cousin’ (Universal Music) by Roots

In the ceremony, Pásztor László (who had founded the Neoton band) had won the Life Achievement Award.

based on the article
translated by Andrea Tóth


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