It would be irresponsible to commit to climate goals for the long term without clearly defining the development projects and funding required for their implementation, the foreign minister said after a press conference on Friday.

Hungary supports efforts to fight climate change and will fulfil its international obligations for environment protection, but stresses the need to devise an EU-level framework before the adoption of climate goals for 2050, Peter Szijjártó told MTI.

He noted the International Energy Agency cautioning against the phasing out of nuclear power plants which it said could fully thwart climate protection efforts.

Szijjártó said Hungary rejects politically or otherwise motivated “negative discrimination” against the use of nuclear energy.

Hungary’s per capita carbon emission is 40 percent lower than that of Germany, a champion in the fight against climate change, the minister said.

In addition, Hungary aims to generate by 2030 up to 90 percent of its domestic energy using nuclear and solar plants which emit no greenhouse gases, he said.

Source: MTI

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