Budapest, August 12 (MTI) – The Hungarian foreign ministry on Wednesday issued a statement condemning the murder of a Croatian hostage by terrorists affiliated with Islamic State (IS).

The terrorist group’s Egyptian affiliate, Sinai Province, on Wednesday released a photo purporting to show the severed head of Tomislav Salopek, a Croatian national held captive since July 22. The ministry expressed its condolences to Salopek’s family.

Hungary strongly condemns all forms of blackmail and terrorism, the ministry said, adding that IS’s methods were unacceptable and incompatible with civilised society and humanism. The ministry said Hungary will continue to protect its citizens with the help of both national resources and international cooperation.

Last week, Sinai Province released a video threatening to kill Salopek unless Muslim women being held in Egyptian prisons were freed within 48 hours.

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic expressed his shock over the execution. In a press conference, he said he had not yet received official confirmation from the Egyptian government on whether the image released by Sinai Province really depicted Salopek.


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