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Former Jobbik deputy leader’s movement seek to form new party

Former Jobbik deputy leader’s movement seek to form new party

A splinter group of the Jobbik party, formed under the name “Our Country”, will hold its inaugural meeting on June 23 with the aim of continuing as a new political party, the founder of the movement told public broadcaster M1 on Friday.

László Toroczkai, former deputy leader of Jobbik, said “if there is enough will and support” they will end the meeting by unveiling their programme.

Toroczkai, the hardline mayor of Ásotthalom, a village near the Serbian border, said events around his platform had forged ahead at a faster pace than he had expected, lending them the chance to become even stronger than Jobbik within a year, or even quicker.

Concerning the new movement’s programme, Toroczkai told M1 that it wants to address matters affecting society such as banking practices including forex mortgage loans, as well as broader issues such as Trianon, EU relations, migration and emigration.


Jobbik’s disciplinary committee decided on June 8 to exclude from the party Toroczkai,

who had earlier run for Jobbik‘s leadership unsuccessfully, then attempted to set up a platform of his own.

Source: MTi


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