Budapest, 2015. november 6.Former Hungarian president Arpad Goncz laid to rest, MTI Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák

Budapest (MTI) – Imre Mecs, a former lawmaker of the Alliance of Free Democrats and then the Socialists, called for left-wing unity in Budapest on Friday evening.

Addressing a demonstration attended by hundreds of people in front of Parliament, Mecs called it untenable that the Eternal Flame dedicated to the memory of the 1956 Revolution and set up from public donations, under former president Arpad Goncz’s proposal, had been removed from the square during its recent reconstruction.

His speech was meant to be a part of an eulogy delivered at Goncz’s funeral earlier in the day, but Mecs, acceding to the wishes of Goncz’s family, decided not to include political elements into his valediction in the cemetery.

Mecs said that the memorial had been removed by those in power, “by one-time Young Democrats, who compromised their former principles to cement their rule” and “institutionalised corruption”. For this reason, not only the Flame, but also the spirit of the 1956 Revolution and democracy should be restored, he said.

Hungary should return to the “clean spring”, the era of regime change, he said, adding that, in the absence of unity, the country would never become a democratic rule of law again.

Addressing a message to the left wing, Mecs said that “insignificant, vying groups of politicians fail to democratise Hungary – they are mere props in a play stage-managed by the government.”

Photo: MTI


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