These are exciting times for entrepreneurs. One reason is that limitations of geography no longer shackle them. In the past, startups would often serve the local area only. Now, they can use the internet to find customers all over the world.

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Many people in Hungary are forming and now run U.S. businesses. Impossible, you scoff. Not so fast. It’s straightforward right now for international residents to own a business in the world’s largest and most advanced economy.

Forming companies in the U.S. and Hungary is no longer the challenge it once was in the past. For most Hungarians residents, they’ll find forming an LLC is the correct step to create their corporate vehicle.

Start with a Plan

It’s smart to put together as many details as possible about your business. A business plan gives an outline of your enterprise and what products and services you offer the public.

You need to calculate your margins and deal with all regulations and laws.

The best way to learn what to do is by conducting thorough research. 

Pick a State for Formation

After you have a plan in mind, you’ll need to decide on which state to form your corporation. All fifty states have different laws and distinct benefits. You’ll need to pick the one that offers the most advantages. That, again, will take research and meshing your plan with your objectives.

If your company plans on serving a distinct market, it may be worth choosing that geographic area as a home base. 

Tabulate Costs and Requirements

Forming a business is only the beginning. Keep tab of all the requirements for forms that you must report. It’s a lot of extra work to maintain a corporation, so you need to stay on it. If you lose focus, you can end up owing money in taxes or fees. Penalties add up and can hurt any small business owner, especially a new one.

Still, don’t get discouraged about starting a business. It’s true that many fail but look at all the incredible successes too.

There’s no better way for a Hungarian with an entrepreneurial streak to earn money than by forming a U.S. corporation. 

Running Your Business Is Easy

Running the new business daily is no longer an issue. With VOIP and VPNs and websites, anyone can run a forward-facing business from any location. Most people deal with globally distributed teams all the time and aren’t aware of the fact.

Cloud-based management tools make managing team workflow, project management, and customer relations a snap.

Remote organizations have no problem competing with rivals. A company in Hungary can provide the same level of service as competitors, as long as they’re using appropriate technology.

After getting an LLC, the next investment will be for equipment and services. It’s crucial to go with providers who understand remote work and can help you grow. It’s vital to build a scalable model that will keep up with demand. 

There’s never been more opportunities in the field of starting businesses. It can happen for relatively low investment dollars, and the upside potential is enormous. Don’t let others in your life talk you out of your dream to be your own boss. If you don’t build your dream, as the saying goes, you’ll get a paycheck building someone else’s. 

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