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Budapest, July 28 (MTI) – An Afghan man and three women were handed over to Serbian police on Tuesday because they had been allegedly involved in a brawl which claimed the life of an Afghan man in Backi Vinogradi (Kiralyhalom) in Vojvodina the day before.

The group was stopped at Asotthalom early on Monday while illegally crossing over from Serbia and the man, who initially claimed to be Syrian, was taken to hospital with injuries, the spokesman of the Csongrad county police said.

The Hungarian authorities informed Serbian police and border police about the group with no delay. As the Afghans are supposed to have been involved in the Monday brawl, they were returned to Serbia at the Tompa border crossing early on Tuesday, the spokesman said.

Police strengthened patrols around Asotthalom to guarantee the safety of locals.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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