Attention gastronomy lovers! This upcoming weekend brings you two programmes that will suit your taste. Whether you go with your family, friends or alone, the fun is guaranteed. You’ll find culinary heaven at the Food Truck Show and the Picnic of Etyek.

Let’s start with the Food Truck Show, which will be held in Kincsem Park along with horse races. The main aim of these kinds of festivals is to showcase trucks which sell quality food and drinks in one place. Beside the food made of diverse, sometimes ever rare ingredients you can also try handmade beer, wine, syrup and schnapps. This will be the second Food Truck Show in Hungary since the first one was very popular.

What’s more is that you can watch the fastest horses and greyhounds of Middle Europe race while enjoying a delicious meal or a cold drink. The races start in the afternoon but there’s going to be special races at night too. Betting for the races is also recommended if you really want to get the feel of horse racing, which origins go way back in time. The entry costs 600 Ft-s of which you can bet with 400 Ft-s. You only have to pay before and during the races.

In addition to the 50 trucks, there’s going to be concerts, sport events, programmes for children and you can even watch the Hungary-Romania football match on a huge screen. You can visit the programmes from Friday to Sunday.

The other programme is the Picnic of Etyek, which is held four times a year, representing each season. If you visit Szépvölgy and Újhegy you can get to know the gastronomy of Etyek better, which is something that needs to be treasured. This is going to be the picnic of autumn, so this season’s characteristics will be emphasized by the best Hungarian wineries, manufacturers. It is free to enter on both Saturday and Sunday.

Etyek is traditionally a great wine producer region, which is why the main focus of the event is always the wine. And as we know, Hungarian wines are quite famous. But, there’s no need to worry if you’re not a wine lover, because visitors can choose from a wide variety of food selection as well. There’s also going to be a cooking competition, wine tour by bicycle, concerts and several other programmes for all kinds of people, including children.

written by Alexandra Béni


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