People came together to salute the inventor of the magic cube in New York. Erno Rubik is 70 years old and the Rubik’s Cube he has created turned 40 this year, reports.

The cube is 40 and its inventor is 70 years old. On this occasion an exhibition was opened in the United States. The world-renowned Rubik’s Cube is at the center of an exhibition , honoring the often frustrating puzzle’s 40th anniversary and also it’s creator Erno Rubik’s 70th birthday on July 13th. A giant replica of the world’s most famous puzzle was floated down the Hudson river on July 11.

The cube’s river journey was part of ‘Beyond Rubik’s Cube,’ running at Liberty Science Center, near the Statue of Liberty in Jersey City, in partnership with Google and Ernő Rubik. The $5 million exhibition offers 7,000 sq ft of puzzles, history, art and engineering inspired by the famous cube.

The Cube has crossed every border and sold nearly 500 million copies. According to, the original (3×3×3) Rubik’s Cube has eight corners and twelve edges. There are 8! (40,320) ways to arrange the corner cubes. Seven can be oriented independently, and the orientation of the eighth depends on the preceding seven, giving 37 (2,187) possibilities. There are 12!/2 (239,500,800) ways to arrange the edges, since an even permutation of the corners implies an even permutation of the edges as well. (When arrangements of centres are also permitted, as described below, the rule is that the combined arrangement of corners, edges, and centres must be an even permutation.) Eleven edges can be flipped independently, with the flip of the twelfth depending on the preceding ones, giving 211 (2,048) possibilities.

{8! \times 3^7 \times (12!/2) \times 2^{11}} = 43,252,003,274,489,856,000
which is approximately 43 quintillion.

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