Budapest, June 26 (MTI) – Synthetic drugs continue to be popular in Hungary, according to the latest report by the Global Drug Survey research organisation, daily Nepszava said on Friday.

The report shows a more than 5 percent increase last year in the number of Hungarians who tried the synthetic drug herbal at least once in their lives. The independent global survey was based on 102,000 online questionnaires completed, including some 5,000 from Hungary, the paper said.

Among the 50 countries surveyed, Hungary came to second place after Poland in the consumption of synthetic cannabis and herbal. Among the Hungarian respondents, 22 percent said they had tried the drug at least once, as against the 50-country average of 8.7 percent.

Figures by the Hungarian Institute for Forensic Sciences show that the new range of synthetic drugs started spreading in Hungary in 2009, and last year twice as much herbal was seized by the authorities as marijuana.



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