December 29 marks the day when the ‘Greatest Survivor’ of music history, disco queen Gloria Gaynor returns to Hungary to step on stage at the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna, performing her biggest hit ‘I Will Survive’, and more.

In 1979, “I Will Survive” climbed to the top of Billboard’s Pop Charts and claimed the Nr. 1 position on two different occasions. Little did Gloria Gaynor know, the song would grow into the banner for social survival which is still relevant after three decades of international airplay. The song itself has survived and has been re-recorded over 200 times by accomplished artists such as Gladys Knight, Chantay Moore, Diana Ross and Cake.


In 1975, Gloria made history when Billboard gave birth to the ‘Disco Action Charts.’ Gaynor’s version of ‘Never Can Say Good-Bye’ became the first dance song to reach Nr. 1 status in dance music, in 1980, ‘I Will Survive’ won the Grammy for Best Disco Song and, in 1984, Gloria recorded ‘I Am What I Am’, which reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s Dance Disco Hits.

Now, more than 30 years later, Gloria continues to set the standard. She made a splash on Broadway in the longest running musical revue, ‘Smokey Joe’s Café’, and on national TV, as a guest star on such popular programs as ‘That ‘70’s Show’, ‘Ally McBeal’, ‘The Wayans Brothers’ Show’, ‘Don’t Forget The Lyrics’, and more, introducing her to a whole new generation of fans. Gloria has touched audiences in more than 80 countries with her electrifying performances. On September 19, 2005 Gloria, along with her hit song ‘I Will Survive’ were inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame during a ceremony that took place in New York City. ‘I Will Survive’, has been featured on the soundtrack of more than a half dozen major motion picture releases, and VH-1 honored Gaynor with the number one spot during their countdown of the Top 100 Dance Records of All Time.


Source: Press release – Best of Budapest

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