The government relies on Hungarian diasporas to fulfil its goals, deputy state secretary for Hungarian communities abroad Péter Szilágyi said after addressing an event commemorating the 1956 anti-Soviet uprising at the Hungarian embassy in Washington, DC on Monday local time.

Hungarians today want no more than they did in 1956: to be able to decide freely and independently about their future,

Szilagyi said. The Hungarian government supports minority communities’ right to self-determination, he added.

“We raise our voices at every possible forum against the Ukraine language law and Romanian efforts to close down a church school in Targu Mures/Marosvásárhely,” he said.

Szilágyi listed programmes that Hungary has launched to help diaspora Hungarians nurture their identity and added that from January 2018, a new scheme will be launched to support Hungarian Sunday schools abroad.

“The Hungarian government relies on Hungarians in America to fulfil its goals, and American Hungarians can also rely on the Hungarian government,” he said.

Source: MTI

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