Budapest, August 25 (MTI) – Decisions concerning replacements of government officials will be made on September 15, solely on grounds of individual professional achievements, the government office chief said in an interview published in daily Magyar Hirlap on Tuesday.

In preparation, ruling Fidesz will assemble in Kotcse in western Hungary on Sept. 5 to evaluate the current political situation and the government’s performance over the past five years, looking at 2014 separately, Janos Lazar, said.

“Criteria by which to measure the government’s performance has been hard to set, therefore I suggested to the prime minister to compile as many objective indicators as possible for the evaluation,” he said.

Lazar said that the Kotcse meeting will be the first event of such scale and is planned to be held annually over the next years.

“The state is expensive,” Lazar said, adding that the Hungarian state needs to improve its performance in order to win voters’ support again in 2018. Reducing red tape will be in focus of the next legislative session, with more than 100 bills to be proposed in this area, Lazar said. Tax changes favouring businesses are also on the table as well as changes to procedures for construction and tapping on EU funding. The state is “difficult and slow” and Hungary has a lot to improve even compared to the V4 countries of Slovakia, the Czech Rep and Poland, he added.

The government will hold a conference later in the day to evaluate its work based on a recent OECD country report, authored by OECD commissioner Zoltan Csefalvay, as well as an analysis by Andras Patyi, the rector of the National Public Service University, on “the good state”. The conference will be addressed by the head of the Fiscal Council, the head of the State Audit Office, the president of the Central Statistical Office (KSH) and the head of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, among others, Lazar said.

Photo: MTI


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