They are the aces of the Hungarian media

  • Chairman of RTL became the most influential media personality again
  • Gabriella Vidus is the most influential Hungarian media personality.

According to, RTL Hungary’s chairman Vidus Gabriella has been chosen as the most influential person in the Hungarian media industry for the third time in a row in Marketing&Média’s top list, which was concluded the tenth time this year. The owner of TV2 Group Andy Vajna kept his second place, while a new person arrived in the third place. Lőrinc Mészáros, who is the fifth richest person in Hungary and the mayor of Felcsút, debuted at the third place as the owner of Mediaworks Hungary and Echo TV.

Andrew G. Vajna, photo: MTI

Árpád Habony fell back to 11th place after being third last year. Leader of New Wave Media István Száraz, who purchased Origo, got the 33rd place, while the new owner of Figyelő Mária Schmidt became 46th.

The list with 50 members was compiled by a jury of experts. As in the years before, RTL Klub’s dominance was significant, four personalities represent the commercial channel altoghether. Atmedia’s influence is also great: this is the company that commerces the advertising time of TV2 and MTVA’s channels.

Lőrinc Mészáros, photo: MTI

About half of the list consists of top managers, another 30 percent are leading experts, and 14 percent are owners. Marketing&Média also notes that the influence of people who create content has decreased this year, and it is marked by the fact that only leader of Index Gergely Dudás made it to the Top 50, though editor in chief of Bors (Ferenc Pallagi) and 444 (Péter Uj) were also among the most influential personalities last year.

It was also revealed concerning the 10 year jubilee that Gabriella Vidus, József Bayer, Péter Kolosi, Zsolt Somlói, Béla Németh and Levente Málnay B. have been the most influential during the past 10 years, as they ranked on all the lists so far.

They are this year’s Top 10:

  1. Gabriella Vidus (RTL Hungary)
  2. Andy Vajna (TV2 Media Group)
  3. Lőrinc Mészáros (Mediaworks Hungary, Echo Tv)
  4. Zoltán Varga (Central Media Group)
  5. Péter Kolosi (RTL Hungary)
  6. Dirk Gerkens (TV2 Media Group)
  7. Christopher Mattheisen (Telekom Hungary)
  8. Csaba Lukács (Atmedia)
  9. Dr József Bayer (Ringier Axel Springer)
  10. János Gulyás (MEC Hungary)

Photo: RTL Klub

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