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Győr Ballet Goes To Italy

Győr Ballet Goes To Italy

After the success of the previous tour the Ballet Company returns to be on stage in Italy again. János Kiss, the director of the Győr Ballet Company announced that they were invited to perform in the Torino and Cuneo Theatres, reports.

The excellent ballet dancers of Győr got positive feedback and reviews from the Italian artists after finishing the Italian tour which involved 6 cities – highlighted János Kiss. This is the main reason of the current invitation. This time 16 members of the Győr Ballet will travel to Italy to perform with the two Italian Theatre Companies.

The first performance is the La vie en Rose show which will be presented together with the Teatro Toselli Di Cueno ballet company in Cueno. As part of the ballet show the audience will enjoy some well-known songs of some celebrated French artists like Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier, Gilbert Bécaude and Jacques Brel. During the performance their life will also come alive on stage. “At the beginning of the year the Győr Ballet Company toured in the German language area with the La vie en Rose performance. With the German audience the show was also popular”- noted the director.

According to, this weekend the audience can also see the Kodály dance-show of the Győr ballet artists in Torino. The performance – the choreography of which was made by László Velekei –commemorates Zoltan Kodaly, the famous Hungarian composer. The Hungarian ballet artists were invited by the Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza to perform in Torino. The Italian ballet group was founded in 1999 and its Hungarian director, Susanna Egri made a lot of effort to present the Hungarian Dance Art in Italy – added János Kiss.


After the Italian shows the Kodály performance will be displayed in Erkel Theatre in Budapest between 5th and 6th of April. Furthermore, the ballet companies of the Hungarian State Opera House, the Pécs Ballet and the Szeged Contemporary Ballet will also be on stage with a special dance performance.

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