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Hotels with Fitness Facilities Increasingly Popular with Travellers

Hotels with Fitness Facilities Increasingly Popular with Travellers

Sponsored content – While some of us can’t imagine anything worse than working out while we are on holiday, for many people a decent gym is essential when looking for a place to stay. More people than ever are choosing to use their hotel’s gym facilities while they are away from home instead of relaxing their routines. Here’s a look at why.

There is More on Offer

A few years ago, only larger, more expensive hotels offered their clients fitness facilities. Now, even the smaller establishments offer some gym equipment and a swimming pool. Quite simply, more people are using the fitness facilities because there is more on offer. If the facilities are good quality and easy to use, clients will take advantage.

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Business Travel

When we’re on a family trip or a getaway with friends there quite often isn’t the time, or motivation, to exercise. But, more people than ever before are staying away from home on business, often alone. Exercise gives them something to do with their time and a way to combat homesickness.


Exercise is Trendy

Generally, exercise is more popular. Many of us wear a fitness tracker, making us much more aware of how much exercise we do. It’s becoming cool to exercise, to hit our targets and to stay fit. This doesn’t stop when we are away from home.

To Start the Day Right

Hotel fitness facilities give us a chance to start the day on a high with a huge adrenaline buzz. This can be especially handy if you’ve got a big business meeting you need to be on top form for. When we’re away on holiday a little exercise in the morning can help us to feel energised and ready to fit lots of fun filled activities into our day.

It Helps You Sleep

Equally, after a hard day working, getting some exercise can be a great way to blow off some steam, ready to get a great night’s sleep. Many hotels offer 24-hour facilities so their clients can hit the gym in the middle of the night if they need to.

To Kill the Food Guilt

We’re much more aware nowadays of how what we eat affects our bodies. When we’re on holiday we want to sample local foods, treat ourselves, and enjoy everything that is on offer. But, we know what damage this can cause. Having the option to get some regular exercise while we are away, especially if it’s included in the price of the hotel, gives us a great opportunity to burn off some of the extra calories. This allows us to let go a little and enjoy all the foods our destination has to offer without feeling guilty.

Our exercise routines at home often get a little stagnant. We do the same workouts every week. Sticking to what we know. If your hotel has different equipment or classes on offer it can be a great way to try new things and experiment with new exercises.

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