You may be dreading having to answer each incoming call made to your company just like some businesses who don’t pick up the phone anymore. However, every phone call that your company receives may be instrumental to its eventual success, and you’re not doing your company any favor by not taking calls. If you do take calls, jotting down what a potential customer is saying over the phone is also highly impractical, especially if they talk too fast that you aren’t able to catch everything they’re saying. Thus, your company should have call tracking installed by a reliable provider such as Fone Dynamics

How can call tracking really help your company?

  1. Call tracking helps you learn more about your company’s potential customers.

You’ll want to make sure that a product or service that your company sells would perfectly suit the needs of potential customers. Otherwise, your company is just peddling a useless product or service that doesn’t make any money at all, which can lead to various sorts of problems from downsizing to eventual closure.

Therefore, you should get to know your company’s potential customers better first before selling them a product or service. You can accomplish this easily when you use call tracking. Because call tracking records every phone call that your company receives, you can play back each recording and list down common characteristics that potential customers have. You can then use your findings to tailor-fit your company’s products or services such that they’ll accurately address the needs of potential customers.

  1. Call tracking lets you identify which marketing campaigns you’ve used to promote your company’s products or services are the most and least effective.

Your company may have put out some ads for its products or services in an attempt to reach out potential customers. Without any way to track calls from them, you might wrongly guess that a certain ad is doing well even if it isn’t or vice versa.

Call tracking takes the guesswork out of your company’s marketing strategy as you can easily determine how effective each ad is once you’ve had it installed. Your company can then put more money into whichever campaign has attracted the most number of potential customers. Conversely, your company can end whichever campaign isn’t doing that great at all.

  1. Call tracking allows you to review how your company treats its potential customers.

As already mentioned earlier, call tracking basically records every inbound call that your company gets and saves each recording. You can then play the recorded conversations to assess how your sales team are talking to your potential customers. You can use your findings to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team and sales process and thus implement changes to improve their performance. Remember, customer service matters.

Despite inquiries and concerns being answered by more advanced tools like email and live chat support nowadays, some people would still want to stick to the traditional phone call. Aside from transactions getting done faster if done over the phone than in emails and live chat, hearing a real human voice on the other end of the line can make the customer feel reassured that they’ll be taken care of. However, just taking phone calls that your company receives every day isn’t enough. You have to install a call tracking software and use the above-listed benefits to your advantage. You can thank call tracking later for bringing your company to the top.

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