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Football clubs are always on the hunt when it is that time of the deal- bidding of football players. It is when hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by football clubs to get hold of the best players for the upcoming seasons. One should know about transfer instances that have occurred in the past, like the transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to PSG that cost $265 million, which is a lot of money to be dealt with. There is usually no limitation or cap on how much a club or a team can spend on football players.

What is Transfer?

As stated on Sbobet, football is a multimillionaire industry that tops the global marketplace. Constant relocation and allocation of football players involve money matters. It is ruled that football players are to enter into a contract of five years with individual football clubs. However, if the summer bidding involves a process where a football player transfer s before the five-year term is completed, the new club has to pay hefty compensation to the old club, called the transfer fee.

When does transfer usually occur?

According to the FIFA resolutions, there are two annual periods in a year in which football clubs can buy in foreign football players. This is called a transfer window. The longer the transfer window is between seasons, while the short transfer window falls mid-season for which the individual countries’ football associations set the timing.

How does the transfer happen?

Players have an agent who represents them and is the first to be communicated for any queries or official enquiry. On the other hand, scouting is necessary by clubs to analyze which player is worth to bid for. Once a player is identified and selected, the transfer occurs by sending a formal written offer to the player or most preferably the agent who then communicates the matter and the T&C of the proposed contract to the football player.

Agents also help one find a buyer for players. Premier Leagues laid out strict rules that abolish acts of footballers approaching any football team without the consent of the team they are in.

The next move in the plan of action is a negotiation where a meeting happens with the agent and the player with the official coming from the new club and the old club. They discuss details about the salaries, bonuses, medical examinations that reveal undetected injuries. After all the analyses are done, the money that is to be paid is discussed with the old club in the process of negotiation.


Transfer fees are a significant action that occurs in the world of football, which involves many controversies and big events. It is to be done through carefully planned out agreements and clauses are thoroughly discussed. It depends on a player whether they want to transfer or not, but when big money is involved, it is sometimes not the football player’s choice but that of the two clubs.

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