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The number of those who emigrate has decreased since the previous year, as reports. According to the latest statistics of KSH (Hungarian Central Statistics Office), 25,000 people left the country. This means a 15 percent decline. Even though the number has been decreasing for two years, it is still too high.

KSH has revealed just the latest statistics in connection with the Hungarians moving abroad. According to their data, 25,100 Hungarian people left their homeland behind in 2017. This is significantly less than 29,400 in 2016, and it means a 15 percent decrease. The number was lower than the current statistics in 2013 for the last time. On the other hand, 2015 broke the record with 32,850 people emigrating.

emigrtion statistics 2017

The most popular destinations are Germany (32%), Austria (27%), and the United Kingdom (17%).

It is important to know that not even KSH knows the exact numbers. However, it is sure that the amount of people emigrating from Hungary is still very high. 25,000 people make the entire population of Siófok for example. Additionally,

KSH estimates 173,000 Hungarian people moving abroad after 2010.

It also turned out that

it is mainly the younger generation that emigrates: 43% is under 30 years, and 72% under 40 years old.

52% of the Hungarian emigrants are men out of which 64% is single.

Even though it is stated that a huge emigration spur is happening to Hungary, it seems to be decreasing due to the earnings’ increase. Furthermore, 18,500 Hungarians moved back to Hungary in 2017, and this number has been increasing since 2014. In 2017, 9 percent more emigrants came back to Hungary compared to 2016. 30% of them came back from Germany, 29% from Austria, and 20% from the United Kingdom.


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