Spring is here, therefore more and more cycles are turning up since people are eager to departure from their home for a cycling tour. However, urban cyclists can get heavy fines from traffic police for breaking various rules, and we are greatly mistaken if we think that we will never be given a fine. Indeed, the fine we get may amount to 300,000 forints.

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The amount of the on-the-spot fines range from 5000 to 50,000 forints. Cyclists are most frequently fined for breaking a rule such as failing to signal while turning and there is traffic around them, but you also risk the chance of being fined if your vehicle fails to have proper lights. In case you are fined twice within six months, the penalty amount may reach 70,000 forints per occasion. Moreover, in case we make a more serious infringement, the penalty may amount to 300,000 forints.

To avoid the impact of fines, you need to start by learning what things you can get fined for. On the basis of the national Highway Code the following equipment your cycle must have:
1.    an easy-to-use handlebar
2.    a bell
3.    two brakes which are independent of each other, and which are reliable even in severe weather conditions
4.    a white or amber front light
5.    a red rear light, a side-maker lamp that can be seen from a distance of at least 150 meters
6.    at least one red rear and one white front triangular retro-reflectors
7.    at least two spoke reflectors on the front wheel
8.    a reflecting waistcoat, which helps other road users to see you in poor light, when riding on a road outside urban area

Once you know the rules, especially the ones you are at risk of getting fined for, the simplest way to avoid fines is to consistently obey the rules. Many rules are in your interests (e.g. using lights at night).

Based on the article mindenamijo.net
Translated by Gábor Hajnal

Photo: Pixabay

Source: http://mindenamijo.net

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