If you’ve been searching for ways to increase your income and lift the weight of debt from your shoulders, you’ve come to the right place. None of us would turn our noses up at few extra dollars in our bank accounts, so we’ve been checking out the latest money-making trends in the hope of inspiring ourselves – and you – to get the ball rolling.

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Buying and selling online is big business in 2019 and it looks set to get even bigger by 2020. Organic and sustainable are the buzz words to keep in mind and great customer service will set you apart from the crowd and keep your customers coming back.

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Online Courses

If you’ve got specialist knowledge on practically any subject and you’re willing to share it, creating an online course could be a huge money-maker for you. You may think that the market is already awash with too many online courses as it is and we wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. A quick look at Udemy is enough to realise that there is already stiff competition, however; there is always room for bigger and better courses. There are over 7 billion people on the planet, so chances are you’re going to find an audience for your unique skill set.

The beauty of creating and selling an online course is that you only have to create the course once – you can then sell the same course over and over again. You’ll need to put some effort in at the beginning to ensure that your course is well-structured, informative and useful. It also certainly helps to let your personality shine through in order to capture an audience. But once your course is done, you can direct your attention to marketing and selling it. There are plenty of online course platforms available, like Udemy, where you can submit your course and they’ll sell it for you, or you could create your own website and include a well-written blog that ties in with your course topic and find your own students.

Pet Products

We love pets. Pets fill our homes and our hearts and we tend to treat them like members of our family. Cats, dogs, tortoises, goldfish and the like all have a special place in our homes and they all come with various wants and needs. The latest trend in pet care is handmade, organic treats.

Our research shows that people are ready and willing to buy these pet treats online along with any other sustainable/organic accessories – think dog beds made from sustainable fabrics, organic pet-shampoo and eco-friendly dog toys. If you’re passionate about pet care and you’re ready to turn your attention to retail – how about opening an online pet store?

Be sure to source your products from reputable manufacturers in order to gain the trust of your customers and then don’t let the quality slip. A loyal customer base will sustain you and happy customer will spread the word for you.

Organic Beauty Boxes

The Beauty Box has been trending steadily for a while now but we hear these awesome subscription boxes are going to become even more popular over the next year or two. However, we’re not just talking basic skin care and make-up products. The focus should be on organic, chemical and cruelty free products that come in sustainable packaging. And, the boxes should be for men.

Yes, you heard us correctly! Men need skin care products just as much as women do, but they’re usually too busy or too shy to go out and buy them for themselves. A monthly subscription box is super convenient and helpful. If you source the right products, design beautiful packaging and put a little effort into your marketing campaign, you could find yourself with an extremely healthy business.

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