Budapest, June 10 (MTI) – Human Resources Minister Zoltan Balog presented his candidates for state secretarial positions on Tuesday.

At a press conference, Balog proposed Bence Retvari to be parliamentary state secretary and deputy minister, Gyorgyi Lengyel state secretary in charge of public administration, Judit Czunyi Bertalan of public education, Istvan Simicsko of sport, Miklos Soltesz of religious affairs, Peter Hoppal for culture, Katalin Veres Novak of youth and family, Karoly Czibere of welfare and social inclusion, and Gabor Zombor of health.

Another candidate, for state secretary of higher education, will be announced in a few weeks’ time, the minister said, adding that the candidate currently works for an international company.

A further state secretary will be responsible for European Union funds to Hungary, who will also be named later. Before a nomination is made, deputy state secretary Tamas Kopeczi-Bocz will be in charge of the area, Balog said.

The human resources ministry, set up at the beginning of the last government cycle, will continue its operations without major structural changes, Balog said. The ministry retains its goals to strengthen the physical and spiritual health of people and of communities, and to reinforce families, a top priority for the government, he added.

The state secretaries will be formally appointed by the president.

Photo: MTI – Laszlo Beliczay


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