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The video in which hundreds of deer stampede over a road in Baranya county spread like wildfire. József Rákóczi, the uploader of the video said that they encountered the large herd on Friday when they were driving between Sátorhely and Mohács.

In the video, the deer were flowing through the road like water for nearly 2 entire minutes. It seemed like the deer had no end. It would be near impossible to estimate the number of deer on the footage, but there are definitely a few hundreds of animals – wrote.

If you would like to watch some amazing pictures about the rut of deer, you can do it by clicking HERE.

The video was viewed over 2.6 Million times and people shared it nearly 61,000 times.

People have recorded similar events in recent years near Darnózseli and Nagyvárad, but this was definitely the largest of them.

There is another footage circulating on the Internet about the same event, which was recorded by a drone and is much better quality. The video showcases the stampede – or ‘rudli’ as it is called in Hungarian – of the animals from a birds-eye perspective which makes it look stunning. The drone footage is the work of Ferenc Takács, who uploaded it to Youtube for everyone to see – reported in another article.

But what is a ‘rudli’?

Although the meaning of ‘rudli’ is much broader than deer migration, it definitely befits the situation. According to the experts, this word which tries to be part of the every-day Hungarian language simply means the group of animals or herd in this case. This happens when the animals migrate from an area scarce of food to one which can provide more.

The Hungarian National Hunter’s Protection Association draws the attention of people to conserve the peace of wildlife. Disturbing wild animals while travelling or hiking can cause serious injury to those who disturbed them, or to other people.

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They said that the natural instinct of these animals is to gather into groups, but such large herds only gather if they are disturbed somehow.

The wild animals do not move during the day normally, so something like this caught on tape is probably the result of a man-made disturbing factor – they said.


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