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After the success of the new Ethnographic Museum and the Pannon Park Biodome, the plans of Group Dryer were awarded, too, at the International Property Awards.

It has been all over the news for days that the blueprint of the new Ethnographic Museum was awarded the best in Europe and then the best in the world. Two days later, it turned out that the Pannon Park Biodome won in its category as well, and now, as Index referred to Építészfórum, another Hungarian nominee celebrates victory at the International Property Award as the plans of Group Dryer take home the Best Residential High-rise Architecture award.

design, plan, architecture

“The dream of every architect is to work with such a client who also prefers quality. When this simple but rare occasion comes, you can sense at the very beginning of the creative process that the new building will be special,”

says Tamás Deilinger, lead designer.

Prime Park will be a new quarter of Moscow, constructed in accordance with the plans of the Hungarian group (Philip Ball, Tamás Deilinger, Balázs Domokos). It is a similar expansion to BudaPart in Hungary, although it will have a smaller footprint and higher buildings – the highest residential will be 150 m.

“It was an honour to design such a unique building complex. Taking its scales into consideration, the whole construction required a different vision. However, one thing was sure from the very beginning: we are not just planning buildings but defining a new lifestyle.”

states Balázs Domokos, the lead designer.

design, plan, architecture

They will build flats with one, two and three rooms on 310 m2. Of course, there will be luxurious penthouses with a marvellous view from the top, to the legendary Seven Sisters skyscrapers, among others.

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