Szeretlek Magyarorszá already reported before that the American football team, Atlanta Falcons liked Gábor Szőke’s eagle statue made for the Hungarian Fradi football team so much that, on behalf of the team, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) ordered an even bigger one from him.

According to Szeretlek Magyarorszá, its wingspan will be over 64 feet. The statue is going to be transported to the United States in many pieces, in four containers.

Based on the information of Szeretlek Magyarorszá, the statue will stand in front of Atlanta Falcon’s and Atlanta United team’s new stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which is soon going to be ready, MTI told. The fans will enter under the wings of the falcon.

The artist was inspired by the special design of the stadium and its high-tech retractable roof. Its further feature is the special surface treatment technology, the alternation of matt and bright light, and the play of different refractions also featuring the materials the statue is made of.

Photo: MTI Source: Facebook/Gábor Miklós Szőke

The artist told to Szeretlek Magyarorszá that

The falcon and the soccer stand very close to each other. During hunting, the bird of prey is continuously following its prey, waiting for the best moment, when it can swoop down on it. The statue represents this moment.

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Photo: Facebook/Gábor Miklós Szőke

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Source: Szeretlek Magyarorszá,

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