2014 has been a very busy year for Miklos Gabor Szoke so far. He is one of the most popular contemporary Hungarian artists, who has recently displayed his ’Chinese Dragon’ artwork in Kazincbarcika, and has presented the biggest bird sculpture in Europe a month ago: an eagle, representing the Hungarian football team, Ferencvaros, which can be seen in front of Grupama Arena in Budapest.

football-ferencvarosSzoke is now preparing a caged pig for Tollwood Festival, which is being held in München. The gastronomical and art festival is famous for dealing with the issue of animal rights, and the organizers offer part of the incoming profit for animal rights foundations.

„In my opinion, we should make an effort to create healthier and more humane conditions for every farm animal. I am happy that I can support a festival, which calls attention to people’s resposibility, and eco-friendly living.” – Miklos Gabor Szoke told divany.hu.

The artist’s sculptures are made of reused, eco-friendly waste wood, and were displayed in many places from Milan to Washington, and even in Russia. You may find Szoke’s artworks in cities of the Hugarian countryside as well, for example, his tiger sculpture is part of the urban landscape of Szakacsi, a town which is among the poorest of the country.

gabor miklos szoke-1Photo: iambarnie.com

Miklos Gabor Szoke’s environment-friendly, recycled wooden Christmas trees are available for sale at Tollwood Festival, so if you want to make this holiday special, a hand-made, Hungarian Christmas tree is what you are looking for!

based on article of divany.hu
translated by Laura Kocsis

Photos: from the artist’s fb page – https://www.facebook.com/szokegabormiklos

Source: http://divany.hu/

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