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István Nádházi’s (Moby) bakery won two categories at the World Bread Award.

He graduated from a commercial high school in Hungary. After his mother got fed up with him just sitting around the house, she recommended him to the local self-employed bakery. He worked at other bakeries afterwards, then he and his spouse decided to move to England.

He found a job at Gail’s bakery first, then joined Mark Bennett, where he had to work with sourdough for the first time in his life – says Kovászlabor.

They opened their own place called M’s Bakery in Bournemouth in 2016. They bake lots of bread, the most popular ones are the classic country bread, the whole meal and multigrain bread, but they provide daily specialities, too: the Mediterranean, beer sourdough, walnut-raisin or even chilly and cheese-flavoured bread. Of course, sweet treats are a must, too – as it says in the post of Kovászlabor.

Besides this, he presented delicious Hungarian specialities for the people of Bournemouth. For example, chocolate swirls, cheese scones and bejgli (walnut or poppy seed roll), too, during the Christmas holidays.

Participants of the World Bread Award could take part in 17 categories. M’s Bakery competed in four:

  • Brook Food Sourdough: Beer dough bread
  • Speciality Sweet: Brioche with dark chocolate and dried plum soaked in rum
  • Speciality Savoury: Ramson and dried tomato dough bread with nigella seeds
  • Real Bread Campaign: French country bread made with organic stoneground flour

They won with their French country bread and took the overall first prize as well.

M's Bakery Wins World Bread Award
Photo: facebook.com/pg/msbakeryltd

It has been highlighted at the announcement of the results that their loaves performed consistently well in all the aforementioned categories.

The various bread types were evaluated by a jury of 90 famous bakers, chefs and specialists, 3 or 4 of whom decided who the winner was in each category.

Featured image: facebook.com/pg/msbakeryltd

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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