Too much stress, feeling jaded: Hungarian employees have apparently had enough of their workplace and their bosses.

As reported, a concerning number employees in Hungary have reported feeling burned out, an apparent result of too much stress and lack of recognition. 

44% of respondents answered negatively when asked about their job compared to 37% that replied positively. More than half of that 44% labelled working overtime as the main reason for their feelings: most of them work 1-3 hours overtime but an astonishing 10% work 10+ hours additionally.

Stress levels are extraordinary: 93% of those surveyed report encountering heavy difficulties when asked to do routine tasks.

36% report genuine frustration in the workplace, prominent causes being their bosses, the behaviour of colleagues and the amount of work that needs to be done. All in all, 

40% of employees do not find any joy in their work.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently added jadedness, or “burning out” to the list of known illnesses.


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