According to, Hungarian chilli has now replaced red paprika from Szeged as the most popular Hungarian delicacy. The new invention has just won three titles in New York and does not show signs of stopping.

The idea came from György Petrohay, a plant specialist, who has started the business called Chilicum with his fiancé.

They wanted to create a unique combination of flavours, something the market has never seen before. That is how ‘illegal’ came to be, the first ever chilli sauce prepared with marijuana.

Another one of their specialities is  ‘chilagra’, specifically prepared to incite desire in men.

The creation that was the most popular at the Hot Pepper Awards in New York is ‘Noir’, the jelly-like chilli that was made of pinot noir wine. This concoction swept up first prizes in all the categories it was nominated in – people seemed to love it! It won first prize in the categories of Best Sweet, Best Mild and Best on Ice Cream, making it the current number one in the world.

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The history of Chilicum

Chilicum is a family business. All 12 kinds of chilli pepper are grown on the family farm, along with the veggie ingredients needed for the sauce, including tomatoes, sweet potatoes and garlic.

An important value for the Chilicum team is using eco-friendly solutions when tending to the farm.

Producing good quality and healthy products can still be a reality when using natural practices like alga extracts, soil bacteria or biological plant preserving solutions during production.

To ensure the products are healthy and of the best quality, only the greatest ingredients are used, like Himalayan salt and Pi water.

Many natural herbs are also implemented into the process, to make sure that the final product is not only delicious but also healthy.

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