Freelusion Dance Company has become the latest Hungarian dance group to appear to enormous acclaim at an international talent show, this time NBC’s America’s Got Talent. Freelusion’s first performance was received with unanimous recognition, szeretlekmagyarorszá reported.

Freelusion’s pioneering entertainment brand is a spectacular mixture of contemporary dance trends and 3D projection mapping. The globetrotting dance company has already been on primetime talent shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and Fake Off, and has been invited to dozens of other television productions in Europe and Asia.

Freelusion’s moving performance.

Heidi Klum, who is one of the judges of the talent show, received the performance with standing ovation, and after the show, she praised the group on Twitter, writing:  “What a performance by Freelusion! They really elevated an already impressive dance performance into a spectacular piece of moving art,” tweeted the model.

The co-founder, artistic director, and choreographer of the dance group, Tímea Papp, has already appeared in different Hungarian talent shows such as Szombat Esti Láz, Csillag Születik, and worked as a choreographer in the Hungarian X-Factor. Since 2004, she has been working on developing a special technique where she combines dancing with videomapping projections to create an interactive choreography supplemented by visual elements. From 2009, using videomapping technique has been a kind of “trademark” in her work.

According to the choreographer, this time the dance group came up with a “more sophisticated” choreography, as they wanted to re-enact a more emotional, moving story. This is why they choose the creation as the subject-matter of the performance, said the co-founder.

based on the article of szeretlekmagyarorszá
translated by Gábor Hajnal


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