Kolozsvár, 2016. augusztus 22. Varga Mihály nemzetgazdasági miniszter (b) és Emil Boc, Kolozsvár polgármestere a Kolozsvári Magyar Napok záró rendezvényén, az erdélyi Kolozsvár fõterén 2016. augusztus 21-én. MTI Fotó: Biró István

We must build a future in which everybody can live his life to the fullest in his own country, where people can be proud of their national cultures, where they can study, live and earn a decent living, Mihály Varga said at the 7th Hungarian Days held in Kolozsvár (in Romanian: Cluj-Napoca), Romania.

Just like celebrating the 700th anniversary of Kolozsvár’s status as a royal free city, paying tribute to the foundation of the state of Hungary is also a key pillar of the relatedness of Hungarians, the Minister for National Economy pointed out. On 20 August, we remember – besides Saint Stephen’s legacy – those Hungarians who, so many times in the course of our history, have struggled for our independence even in hopeless situations, fought for our liberty, defended our state and repeatedly rebuilt our country with perseverance, he said.


Stressing the importance of a nation united even across borders, the Minister said, the Government is not only preaching unity, but it has been assisting our fellow Hungarians living abroad through continuous and active help. Since the previous elections, the Hungarian parliament has been a National Assembly per se, which means that we are shaping the future of Hungarians together, and we share joint responsibility for our actions.

Speaking of the example of our forefathers, Mihály Varga said our actions must always be worthy of their deeds. As so many times in our history, we are once again at a crossroads, and we must present our values, because only by preserving these can we find remedies for the crisis situations plaguing Europe.

Photo: MTI

Source: Press release – kormany.hu

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