Origo.hu says Réka Bucsi’s animation LOVE has won the award of the jury at RiverRun International Film Festival in North-Carolina, thus having good chances at the Oscars 2018. The success of Sing started just like this, and resulted in winning the Oscar.

LOVE, directed by Réka Bucsi, won the award of the jury at the 19th RiverRun International Film Festival held between March 30-April 9, 2017. Thus, the animation can be nominated for Oscar in 2018. The international success of Sing started the same way: it won the Short Shorts Film Festival in Tokio, which made it possible to run for the Oscar.

The jury of the festival gave the award to Réka Bucsi because of the outstanding style, humour and exceptional visual story-telling of the film. It is not the first time the director gets near the Oscars: her diploma film at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Animation MA, the Symphony No.42 became the best animation at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2014, thus could be nominated for the Oscars as well. The film became one of the 10 possible candidates but could not make it to the nomination.

The world premiere of LOVE took place in February, 2016 at the Berlinale Shorts. Its North-American debut was at the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in Texas, while the Asian premier took place in Hong Kong. Réka Bucsi’s film has already been screened in 40 countries, the number of invitations for international film festivals has already reached 120, and with the award of the RiverRun jury the Hungarian-French animation has won all together 17 awards.

Recently, it won the award of the Hungarian Film Week for being the best animation, while the Hungarian film critics chose it as the best Hungarian animation in 2016. Bucsi’s film has won awards like the qualification for the Cartoon d’Or, which is regarded to be the “Oscars of animation”, at 3D Wire Festival in Spain, and the EFA-prize of the Uppsala International Short Film Festival, whose winners are nominated for the award of the best European short film by the European Film Academy.

LOVE was made with the support of the Media Council’s Hungarian Media Patronage programme in a co-production with France. The film’s Hungarian manufacturer is the Boddah, its producer is Gábor Osváth, and the Daazo is responsible for its appearance on the festivals.

In addition to LOVE, another Hungarian animation has been awarded at an Oscar-qualifying festival. The diploma film of Éva Katinka Bognár at MOME, the Hugo Bumfeldt, was awarded in October, 2016 in Austin.

At the time of winning the award in Austin the Oscar nominations of 2016 were already over, so the Hugo Bumfeldt runs in the competition this year. The title character is an alien boy living on a planet far away, who gets a scuba diver being kidnapped from Earth as a pet.

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