The Western Canadian Hungarian Folk Festival is coming to Lethbridge to celebrate its 35th year.

Hosted by the Hungarian Cultural Society of Southern Alberta, the event will take place Oct. 11-14. This marks the fourth time Lethbridge has hosted the annual event, which will bring Hungarian dance groups from Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg. There will be approximately 200 dancers plus their supporters from the four Western provinces.

Music will be provided by the folk band Gyanta, whose members are Hungarians from Toronto and Montreal, as well as guest musicians from Hungary, Edmonton and Calgary. There will also be two highly decorated dance instructors from Hungary who will teach and critique the performances.

The Yates will be the venue for the three concerts: a musical concert Saturday night (Oct. 12) beginning at 7 p.m. as well as dance performances Sunday, Oct. 13 at 2 and 7 p.m. The concerts will showcase the unique music, colourful costumes and lively dances of the various regions of Hungary.

Tickets for the performances are available from the Yates and Enmax ticket centres, priced at $20 each for adults, $17.50 for seniors and students, and $10 for children under 12. Bundled performance tickets for the weekend are also available at a discounted price.

“Tanc-haz” (folk dance parties) will be held nightly at the Sandman Hotel and the public is welcome to participate. There will be a $10 charge for each evening of dance and music and including a light midnight snack. The Sandman is also home to the weekend’s workshops of dance, crafts, music and singing.

Source: Lethbridge Herald

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